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22 October 2012 @ 02:06 am
"using the prompts below, write 30 drabbles (one every day - or more at one time, as long as you finish all the prompts within a month) and find someone willing to hit you if you miss a day. look back at the end and go 'oh! i'm a writer!'."

beginning (one). accusation. restless. snowflake. haze. flame. formal. companion. move. silver. prepared. knowledge. denial. wind. order. thanks. look. summer. transformation. tremble. sunset. mad. thousand. outside. winter. diamond. letters. promise. simple. future.

i gave up on this being only thirty days worth, but i'm still going to use this. going to attempt to write my fantasy au using these prompts.
28 June 2010 @ 05:40 am
hello! you have stumbled upon my kfic journal. i keep this place separate from the rest of my writing and my personal journal for convenience and because i like to keep fandom and real life separate. that's not to say i don't enjoy making friends, though! my personal journal is [ profile] kitkii and my original writing is over at [ profile] robotink.

thank you so much for stopping by, i hope you enjoy your stay! ♥

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