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❤2010 - 2011

hello! you have stumbled upon my kfic journal. i keep this place separate from the rest of my writing and my personal journal for convenience and because i like to keep fandom and real life separate. that's not to say i don't enjoy making friends, though! my personal journal is [ profile] kitkii and my original writing is over at [ profile] robotink.

thank you so much for stopping by, i hope you enjoy your stay! ♥

pre 2010.

2pm. lazy afternoon. | chansung/nichkhun.
f.t island. missing person. | jonghun/hongki.
f.t island. it's called style.| jonghun/hongki.
f.t island. sunflowers. | seunghyun-centric.
f.t island/shinee.don't keep your music on shuffle. | jaejin/kibum.
miss a. hot and cold. | min/suzy.
mblaq/t-ara. i don't know. | mir/jiyeon.
shinee/f(x). fluently speaking.| taemin/victoria.
snsd. be yourself. | jessica/tiffany.
snsd. a swift goodbye. | jessica/tiffany.
snsd. tired of waiting. | seohyun/jessica.
snsd/super junior. morning after pill | eunhyuk/hyoyeon.
ss501. baby blues | hyunjoong/kyujong.
ss501. acceptance | hyunjoong/kyujong.
ss501. backstage pass. | hyunjoong/kyujong.
ss501. biggest little monster | hyungjoon/jungmin.
ss501. to dust | jungmin/kyujong.
super junior. soundtrack to my summer. | ryeowook/yesung.
t-ara. you should call me super girl.. | jiyeon-centric.
t-ara/iu. super girl. | jiyeon/iu.
t-ara/iu. it's the end of the world (as we know it.) | jiyeon/iu.
u-kiss. matching socks.| kiseob/soohyun, kiseop/kevin.
u-kiss. supertastic. | kiseob/soohyun.
u-kiss. love-sick. | kevin/kibum.

2pm. love over homophobia. | chansung/junho.
2pm. just married. | taecyeon/junsu.
2pm/k-actor. a fighting chance. | taecyeon/kim soohyun.
2pm/snsd. checkmarks. | junho/sooyoung.
beast/ i know this girl. | junhyung/gina.
dbsk. sensibility. | bandfic.
f.t island. blurry lights. | jonghun/hongki(/seunghyun).
f.t island. stuffed hearts. | jonghun/hongki(/seunghyun).
f.t island. simplicity. | jonghun/hongki.
f.t island. college swing. | seunghyun/jaejin.
f.t island(/younha). growing season. | minhwan/younha.
f.t island. spotlight. | wonbin-centric.
f(x). perfect harmony| krystal/luna.
f(x). sailor scouts. | amber/luna/victoria.
f(x). meet you in the sunshine. | sulli/luna.
mblaq/t-ara. deep in your eyes. | mir/jiyeon.
shinee. the leaders' guide. | gen.
shinee. practice makes perfect. | jonghyun/key.
shinee. winter blues. | jonghyun/key.
snsd. nothing lasts forever. | taeyeon/tiffany.
snsd. m&m mcflurries.| taeyeon/seohyun.
super junior. i'm still here. | kibum/donghae.
super junior. five little reminders | kangin/sungmin.
super junior/snsd. shy boy | hyukjae/hyoyeon.
t-ara/iu. the best days of our lives. | jiyeon/iu.
t-ara/iu. the robot girl. | jiyeon/iu.

dgna. disappearing act. | hyunmin/suhoon.

f.t island. red string of destiny. | jonghun/hongki.

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