Title: red in my ledger
Author: [personal profile] augmenti
Fandom(s)/Pairing(s): t-ara/iu; jiyeon/jieun.
Prompt: marvel/winter soldier au
Rating: pg
Warnings: hints of brainwashing, memory loss, time travel, ptsd.
Summary: The past is all echoes and the present makes no sense.
A/N: Hi, long time no see! I had feelings :(

The voice is an echo of an echo of a smiling face. )
you owe me your lips
iu/t-ara, jiyeon/jieun. 2,804 words.
Jiyeon was born to tear the world down, where Jieun was just trying to survive.
Note(s): This was writen for [profile] parodicals for the [personal profile] ambitiousgirls challenge.

Jiyeon takes her by the hand with twilight in her hair and the moon kissing her lips with a promise in her smile.  )
Say goodbye (to the world you thought you lived in).
Jieun got on the wrong car one day, and discovered that not everything in her world was as it seemed.
2,700 words. pg.

His large legs crushed a bush as he stomped around.  )

note: title taken from lyrics from ‘Any Other World’ by MIKA. written for [community profile] unniefic’s 48 hour challenge. I just really missed writing these two.
12 July 2012 @ 12:41 am
this is one of those 'lets open up a document and write out a headcanon before i lose track of everything i want to say' posts. so there will be lapslock, there will be capslock, there will be horrible grammar (probably). and this is all just my speculation and my headcanon, because everyone has different ones.

but this post is about jiyeon and her relationships, because i've been thinking about it since that post where akp was like "jiyeon has no friends outside of t-ara except for luna and iu." and this is true, it's been true, and i don't know why it's suddenly of interest now.

29 November 2011 @ 02:39 am
deep in your eyes.
mblaq/t-ara; mir/jiyeon. nc-17. 1,114 words.
it's just one of those meetings.
•for [ profile] firequakes, bc i love her forever ok♥
It always starts with hello.  )

note: this is kind of crack crack crack crack. but then i have a weird sense of humor.
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20 August 2011 @ 06:37 pm
the robot girl.
robots can't feel anything, but people can.
93-line, Jiyeon/iu; 2,016 words.
[ profile] kacts fill for [ profile] firequakes.

Jiyeon finds a flyer in a magazine for a prototype of a robot that can be anything you want it to be.  )
You should call me Supermangirl.
Jiyeon centric; pg-13. 629 words.
If your dad was superman, what would you do?

become super girl )
17 July 2011 @ 02:09 pm
i just realized i wrote all crossovers for this round, hahaha♥ thanks for stopping by!

don’t keep your music on shuffle.; #
Jaejin/key, ‘91 line.

jaejin is a massive nerd and kibum knows this. )

Super girl; #

wo shi ni de super girl )


The end of the world (as we know it); #;

and i feel finnnne )
11 July 2011 @ 03:40 pm
I don’t know.
Neither of them know what the other wants.
Mblaq/T-ara; mir/jiyeon. 852 words.
❦for [ profile] firequakes who wrote me awesome seungho/soyeon fic.

i don't know what's in your mind. )
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the best days of our lives.
jiyeon/iu; 2,186 words.
if you love someone, let them know.
a/n: finallyyyy. this took months for me to work out but i love these two so much!♥ dedicates it subtly to [ profile] firequakes and [ profile] compatable because they're the best :)♥

Jieun’s always believed that honesty is the best policy. )
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