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shinee; drabble challenge #1.

beginnings. onew/jonghyun.
magical au. 520 words.
repost from lj - gonna start using dreamwidth more often.

Jinki stood on the third step down from the top of the landing and flicked his pocket watch nervously between his fingers. He’d lost his top hat to a gust of wind earlier, and he smoothed down his fly away bangs, checked to make sure his buttons were still in place and unruffled. He’d been waiting on the steps for the last thirty minutes at least, but there was a hope under his ribcage that refused to die, even if he could hear the laughter echoing from inside the theater.

He watched the lantern lighter trudge around with his torch. He moved from lamp to lamp, slowly lighting up the darkening street. Someone had turned on the lights at the theater, and now his shadow wavered against the steps, miming his pacing like a trickster, long and thin and dark.

He was just turning on his heel to pace back the other way when someone all but flew up the steps, tripping over Jinki’s step and face planting into the ground on the last few. He winced in sympathy. He had a scar on his chin from the time he’d done something similar.

“Dear sir, are you alright?” He asked, hopping up onto the landing and coming up beside him, crouching down to eye level.

The stranger gave the worst impersonation of a scoff he’d ever seen, rolling his eyes upwards and inhaling half of the handkerchief that was held to his split lip and staggering up the steps. “I’m fine,” he groaned valiantly and sat down on the step. His clothes were rumpled, his leggings were spattered with mud. He must have run quite a ways, because he was panting and out of breath and Jinki found his heart going out to him before he could help it.

“You don’t look very fine,” he put a hand on his shoulder, “we should go find a dryad.”

“No time,” the stranger muttered. “I’m late, I was supposed to meet someone here for the theater.”

“Ah, really?” Jinki asked, paused, and asked timidly, “was his name Lee Jinki?”

The stranger blinked, turning his head to look at him more closely. “Ah, I expected you to be taller.” Jinki snorted, because he wasn’t exactly the epitome of height. He pulled off one of his gloves and held his hand out to him. “I’m Jonghyun. Your new assistant from Larsin.”

“Thanks, I guess. Nice to meet you,” Jinki smiled and did the same, grasping the calloused palm beneath his own. Familiar callouses, created from unruly chemicals and magical elements. “Lets say we skip the theater and go right for the pub, mm?”

“Are wizards allowed to drink?” Jonghyun asked as Jinki stood, pulling Jonghyun up along with him.

“Oh yes, and we’re not celibate, either. It's different here compared to your countryside. I promise.” He laughed when Jonghyun blushed, and all but retreated down the stairs, flyaway hair and flush to his cheeks and all. He shocked himself - he didn’t normally flirt. But as he waited for Jonghyun, who was pressing his handkerchief against his split lip again, he realized that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

i haven't been doing a very good job at this challenge. actually, i forgot about it til now. oops. attempting to world build with a fantasy au - i don't think i've ever done one in fic so i'm anxious to play with it! :)
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I still really like this and hope you're going to explore it some more.