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snsd; dynamic duo (first meetings.)

dynamic duo (first meetings.)
the first meeting of seohyun, seoul's only consulting detective, and kim hyoyeon.
609 words.
a/n: due to be rewritten, added onto, fixed up, etc, at a later time. i just needed to get this idea out of my head before i lost it forever.

It was raining the day they met. Seohyun was watching her from the other side of the bookshelf, over a modernized copy of Pride and Prejudice. She was absolutely normal. She wore a flowery tunic over a pair of dark leggings. From the lack of a definitive click of her heels, Seohyun could tell she had flats. From the way her body moved with a fluidity and the way she never broke her posture, she guessed she was a dancer. She leaned down gracefully and picked up a copy of Vogue. As she did, Seohyun caught a flash of newspaper from the inside of her bag. A red pen circled the housing advertisements.

Seohyun smiled over her book and closed it with a snap, replacing it to the shelf and rounding the bookshelf to join her. “Hello,” she greeted with a bob of her head. The girl looked at her, warm, make up-less brown eyes blinking back at her.

“Hi,” she said, and bent down to put the magazine back.

“You’re not really interested in Vogue, are you?”

The girl blinked at her. “Excuse me? How would you know?” Her tone turned a little gruff. As though Seohyun had just insulted her. Seohyun glanced at the weapon and hunting magazines that were right in front of them and smiled, snapping her back towards her.

“I don’t really know, but I’m pretty sure of it. You were looking at the hunting magazines, but then you saw a man coming down the aisle and went for Vogue instead. You’re not wearing make up, and your skin isn’t glowing with lotion use. You’re not interested in make up, you’re interested in guns. From the way you hold yourself you are a dancer, though. You must be in your early twenties and you seem pretty normal. From the newspaper clipping falling out of your bag you’re looking for a cheap, inexpensive place to live.” She smiled at the girl’s astonished face. “Am I wrong?”

The girl’s mouth had dropped open during her monologue, and stayed there for a good ten seconds until Seohyun quirked and eyebrow and she became more self conscious about it. “No, no, you’re right.” She gave a smile, but it slipped away half hearted. “How did - who’re you?”

“Seo Juhyun, but I prefer if you call me Seohyun. I’m currently a university student but I do dabble in volunteer work.” She smiled. “You’re looking for a flatmate, and you are too. I think we could live well together. I’m neat and tidy and I’m quiet. I won’t give you too much trouble. What do you say?”

“I’ll need to see the house, first.” The girl said, a glint of interest in her eyes.

“Of course. Here’s the address,” she pulled a paper out of her bag with the address on it. Does noon tomorrow sound good to you?”

“Um, yes,” she said, taking it. She still seemed stunned at the turn of events, but it didn’t stop her from laughing about it. She seemed clever enough. There was a glint in her eye, anyway.

“Perfect,” Seohyun smiled, zipping her coat up a little tighter as she backed down the aisle. “May I ask, what is your name?”

“Hyoyeon, Kim Hyoyeon.”

“Til tomorrow then,” she bowed her head and twisted on her heel. A smile lingered on her lips as she left the store. The other side of the street was blocked off with police tape. She ran across the road and ducked under it to have a look at what she’d really been called out for. Her hobby was deduction, and her volunteer work was ‘consulting detective.’