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crossover; growing season {minhwan/younha.}

Growing Season
Younha can't get used to how grown up he's become.
minhwan/younha; 1,296; nc-17.
→don't mind me, just breaking some brains. :D :D

It's hard to believe how much he’s grown from that little boy he used to be. The one that took good care of her the first time they met, and the second, and the third, but then they weren’t able to meet again for years. She didn’t recognise him at first, because where before he’d been all cute and squishy warmth, so adorable that all she wanted to do was squish his face - so cute, so sweet. But a man now stood in those shoes instead. And he’d been tall before, but that was before, and she hadn’t really noticed it.

But now, now his arms bulged slightly out of his shirt, and yes, he’d been muscular before, and she’d heard that he had beaten half of 2pm in arm wrestling, but had she ever believed that Minhwan, tiny, cute, adorable Minhwan, could be a beast?

No, she hadn’t. Not until he walked through the doors of her radio show and taken a seat in the farthest corner from her, she took note of it with a slight pang. She didn’t want to believe it was him, almost, like she was afraid of him growing up. He was supposed to be like Peter Pan, a boy forever.

“Noona, you look star struck,” Jaejin laughed as he sat down next to her. At least he looked the same.

“Hmm?” Younha blinked, realized she was staring, and grinned at him. “You boys have grown a lot!”

“You haven’t grown at all, dongsaeng,” Hongki snickered as he plopped down on her other side.

“Neither have you,” she said, sticking her tongue out at him. Minhwan’s laugh was still the same, though, only three octaves lower and she’d be lying if she said it didn’t turn her on even a little. It undermined Hongki’s obnoxious yelling, even though he was right next to her, and when they locked eyes, she wanted to scream a little.


But that was then, and this was now. And now she still wasn’t used to it, but though her mind hadn’t yet quite gotten it, her body sure did. Minhwan’s breath blew hot against her neck as he left staggered kisses down the line of her jaw and slipped warm, large hands down her waist, warm on her stomach, her abdomen, as they pushed her gently up against the wall of her fitting room.

“Noona,” he whispered, his dark eyes searching hers for some sort of validation, some sort of clue that this would be okay with her. It made her wonder if maybe, just maybe, he really is still the Minhwan that she knew all those years ago, even underneath the grown exterior. She gave it to him, popping the button on his jeans with a smile she could consider to be shy.

His smile was gentle with just the slightest hint of a smirk, and his body is guilt and lean beneath her. Her fingers felt small when she slipped them under his shirt and felt the firmness beneath.

“Minhwan ssi,” she returned, because she just couldn’t say his name without it anymore, not when he was so grown up, so, so very grown up. Her stomach twisted as he kissed her, warm and all encompassing, and pressed her flat against the cold wall behind her, holding her up with one hand on her waist as he sandwiched her in place. He nibbled on her bottom lip and licked it after, and she may have made a little sound of surprise, because when had he learned how to do this stuff?

His hand slipped down her pants, and his fingers were cold when they entered her and made her gasp in surprise against his lips. She pulled her head back and opening the eyes she hadn’t even realized she’d closed. Their foreheads touched, and he was staring at her in a way that made her seem like the only girl in the universe, and marvelled in it. She’d never felt like this before, not even with older, more mature people, and was this his youth talking? But then he inserted another finger and she forgot all about anything else but him.

She gasped against him, gripping his biceps as he all but lifted her up. She stepped on his toes and looped one arm around his shoulders and suddenly, she was acutely aware of how close he was, of his strong abdomen pressed to hers and how his finger quirked just a little and made her squirm and gasp as though she’d never been touched there before, and was this really Minhwan, she felt herself wondering, as she finally found the strength in her shaking fingers to find his cock and fumble as she pulled it out.

Her knee quirked against his and her foot hit the wall behind her and all she could think was, thank God he’s holding her up, thank God he was kissing her senseless, thank God that he was so warm and that he smelled like sweat mixed with lavender, because she would have not been able to stay afloat otherwise.

He was warm beneath her hand, responding and jumping and so eager that it almost made her laugh that it came from a full grown man, too grown to be the boy she wanted to remember. The boy he was making sure she forgot.

But then he gave her a rough and throaty, “Noona,” and she remembered where she was. She wasn’t so old, she had to remind herself. And he wasn’t so young. His face was absolutely glowing, she realized, when she opened her eyes at one point. It contorted, his eyebrows clenching, his nose squishing, his eyes closed, as his body moved against hers. His mouth open as he took a gasping breath.

She stroked the head of his cock with her finger at the same time he quirked his finger again and they came together, she was sure of it, his seed filling the palm of her hand as she came in a warm rush that crushed her against his chest. He all but crushed her against the wall as he collapsed, just barely holding himself up after he took his fingers out of her, his breathing harsh in her ear and his body - his grown body keeping her warm and safe and all she could think of was wow, wow, he wasn’t so little anymore.

“Noona,” he whispered, and it was almost a hum for how low it was, and she turned her head to his and his caught her mouth with his own, with his hand against hers, and everything was warm, and everything was wonderful, and amazing, and maybe she could be okay with this.

“I like you, noona,” he said, all seriousness but that little quirk of a smile at the side of his swollen lips. And then she started giggling, as he pulled back ever so slightly, a look of hurt flashing in his eyes. She waved her fingers, pounding on her chest to try and get some air. It was such a childlike response that it was almost too adorable after what they’d just done, and she couldn’t help it.

“I like you too,” she said, and when he smiled this time it was total, complete, it made her chest pound in her chest and it made her ears burn with a blush and she couldn’t do anything but pull him into another kiss, unable to help herself.

“You look like a puppy,” she whispered when they pulled back, eyes glazed over with the hum of something far too great for her. His smile was beaming, eager, embarrassed, and she could almost imagine puppy ears on the sides of his face.

The cutest of puppies.

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this is perfect ;-;

i've always been on the bench admiring minhwan for becoming such a perfect manly specimen of man when he was the cutest baby around debut. this solidifies it in my book. younha doesn't get any fic really either and to get this ;-; two birds with one stone, it's perfect and sexy and really slow and perfectly realistic. gah ;0;

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i k r? i kind of wrote this while trying to comes to term with him becoming a man myself and...aaaaahkjfkljskj. thank you so much! i'm really glad you like this ;_______;♥

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I really, really likes this, but I also feel really, really dirty for doing so ;;

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IT'S SO WEIRD, ISN'T IT? sobs, thank you though ;____; i feel really dirty for writing it ;____;

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I think the pace and the wording makes it so freakishly believable (although it should seriously wreck your brain) that it's very real and therefore a bit scary. Like... good shivers. It could happen, BUT SHOULDN'T, because Minhwan's supposed to be the cute, quiet (...well), little thing forever and he definitely shouldn't know what he's doing. Gives him a little too much power and knowledge >>

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ahhhh ;____; thank you so much ;___; HAHAHA i know right? but he can't stay our little minari forever bc he's growing up too, just like taemin and dongho and everyone else aaaa, it's so scary to think about ittt ;;

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ahh this is beautifully written.
they were just really cute together in idol army and i can totally imagine how they are around each other now that minhwan is all grown up.

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aw, thank you! i'm glad you think so♥♥

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thanks to idol army, I hardcore ship younha with minhwan (I also ship her with seunghyun, but that's irrelevant haha) so this fic made me all warm and fuzzy inside c:
it was cute and sweet, yet undeniably sexy all at once ♥

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hahaha me too, idky i can ship younha with everyone in fti - maybe because they're all so close ♥ thank you so much! i'm glad you liked it :3

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i love it!! twas hot ;)

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thank you! :D

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mind blown

minhwan... you cannot

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aaaaaaaah i'm sorry! but i'm glad you like it?! and, ikr, he can't grow uppp :(

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I like it a lot! though, i feel like i want a minhwan pov of this! but hnnngg i don't mind younha mentioning how sexy this baby is!
(I keep using this icons because he's gorgeous)

aww my poodle baby

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oh, that would be cool! i find first pov difficult to do realistically and believably, especially in fandom because it's so hard to get into the mind of someone else who is alive at the time but eee, i'm so glad you don't mind. i love her and i love him and i love that they are so cute together :3♥

HAHAHAHA, is that reference to his new hair? because that's so adorable eeek♥

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yes, it's hard getting into anyone's mind, I would prefer writing in both point of views. I'm trying to write a suspense but i am shot with my giggles (it contains seunghyun hence i cannot stay serious for a while, i think i'm going to crack and write comedy instead) ♥ i miss old ft island, who used to be cute and squishy but i can't help but open my heart for this ft island, the memories of ft island is altogether nice *))* boys are so kawaii and talented it hurts.

YES! ♥ I LOVE HIS NEW HAIR but I am still hung up on old lovelovelove short hair tho he himself didn't like it much because it showed 'too much face' idk i didn't understand that part and the lack of english translation was harsh -my weak korean ftw!

i keep calling him poodle. i regret nothing!