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shinee; winter blues {kibum/jonghyun}

winter blues
kibum hates winter, but it does have some perks.
kibum/jonghyun; g; 1,005 words.

for [ profile] robotiques, i hope this cheers you up bb :(

Kibum doesn’t like winter for a whole slew of reasons, but he also likes it, and it irritates him more than it should. He thinks of himself as someone who sees things in black or white, so the fact that he can’t simply just hate winter drives him up the wall.

One reason he hates it is waking up with aching bones and frozen fingers and chill sinking in through his blankets like little barbs of ice. All he wants to do is get another blanket, but he knows there’s too much effort involved in getting up and exposing the little igloo of body heat he’s cocooned himself in to even more cold. So most days he’ll just curl up a little tighter and go back to bed until his alarm goes off. Then he’ll moan and groan until Minho comes and pulls his blankets off, because he knows that gets him up better than anything. The only salvation from the chill seeping in through poorly insulated walls is the heat seeping up through the floor.

But he also likes being able to slip out of bed with his blankets gathered around him and tiptoe into Jonghyun’s room. It’s always warmer in there for some reason, and it’s easy to push Jonghyun over and slip under the covers with him, sharing his own blanket and tuck his cold toes into the crook of his knees.

“Mrgh,” is all Jonghyun says about the matter before rolling over and going back to sleep. Kibum rests his forehead fall against the crook of his spine and lays his arm over the curve of his waist and falls asleep while he lines up his breath with the natural rise and fall of Jonghyun’s chest.


The second thing he hates is how much he wants to eat. If cold didn’t make his bones ache up to his elbows and didn’t make his fingers stiff or his knees lock, maybe he wouldn’t be so interested in the hot potato soup, or the hot chocolate in the cabinet. Maybe he wouldn’t randomly crave roasted chestnuts after curfew and sneak out for them at the stand down the street. Constant worry about how much weight he was about to gain or how bad his face is about to puff up is immediately replaced as soon as he gets back to the dorm and finds Jonghyun sitting at the table, his legs bent up so that his toes are off the floor.

“Well?” He gives Kibum an expectant look, and reluctantly, he takes a seat on the cold wooden chair and splits the chestnuts in half. They both wake up with puffy faces in the morning and Jinki might freak out a little.

“Chill out, Jinki, it’s not like you never cheat the diet,” Jonghyun pokes their leader in the side and Taemin chuckles at them as he pours himself cereal. Kibum joins him for cocoa puffs, because anything that’s chocolate demands his attention in the cold winter months.


The third, is snow. It seeps through his boots when he walks and freezes his toes, even if he’s only outside for a few minutes. “Why can’t they give us boots that work in winter?” He whines as he stomps inside and kicks his shoes off in the foyer. They bounce off the wall and flop to the side next to the doorway. He tsks at himself in annoyance and bends to pick them up.

“Just wear extra socks,” Minho says as he passes by on his way to the kitchen. Kibum resists strangling him with the stupid belt going up the side of his boot but decides the murder charges aren’t worth it, nor are the hours spent trying to dig up the frozen ground to hide the dead body. Instead he flees to the floor in the living room and waits for the heated floor to warm him up.

One thing he does like about the snow though, besides what a nuisance it is, is that sometimes it can be fun. And by sometimes he means only when Taemin isn’t chucking snow at him or tripping him or when Jinki isn’t slipping it down his back.

He likes it when he finds himself suddenly walking right into a heart that’s pressed into the ground by the careful stomping of someones feet. It’s almost like a careful engraving, except it’ll disappear in the next snowfall - a shame that’s about to happen, if the dark clouds are any sign.

He quirks an eyebrow at the ground and looks around to see who it’s supposed to be for. What he sees is Jonghyun grinning at him from near the door to the dorms, waggling his eyebrows under his hood.

“Um?” He asks, pressing his lips together. “What is this?”

Jonghyun all but runs forward, slipping on the ice beneath the snow and almost falling on him. “It’s for you!” He breathes, his breath whisking across his cheeks in a hot rush of air. “Isn’t it perfect?”

Kibum rolls his eyes, looking down at it He kicks at the walls with his foot. “Nope,” he says and steps out of it, brushing by him on the way to the door. He ignores his hurt expression, pulling his hat down more closely to his head. He hears Jonghyun shuffle after him and turns around when he reaches the door.

“Your real heart is much better,” he grins, leaning down to give him a quick peck on his frozen, rosy cheek, before he runs inside to the warmth.

“You’re so cheesy,” Jonghyun laughs loudly as he follows him, jumping in place as they wait for the elevator together. And when their hands somehow join, well, that’s just another perk that Kibum doesn’t really mind, especially since his hand feels so much warmer.

He digs his elbow into Jonghyun’s side. “You’re the one with the heart, don’t call me cheesy.” Jonghyun just snorts and pulls him into the warm elevator when it opens with a friendly ding.

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“Your real heart is much better,”


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thank you :D :D ♥♥

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so qt. ♥ makes me want winter in my country. :c
but yeah. omg. dying of cute why are they so cheesy. ♥

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because cheesy makes the world go round \o/ haha jk, but i'm glad you like it! aww, i'll send you a box of snow when it comes :D :D :D

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;-; i love you so much for writing this for me. it definitely cheered me up. thank you so much♥

it was just simply lovely and heartwarming, which is what i love. you write SHINee so well it baffles me sometimes. it's like...idek, i can see this all so well.

minho had the best line, though.
“Just wear extra socks,” Minho says as he passes by on his way to the kitchen.


thank you again, bb. ;; you're too amazing. i'm sorry for being all mopey and woe is me lately. i'm glad i have you here, you make it all a lot easier. ily.

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eee i'm so glad it cheered you up! i hope so anyway ;___;♥ i wanted to make it enjoyable and i know i'm really rusty with writing shinee but as long as you liked it, i'm so happy i can't even say♥

minho always gets the best lines♥ :D :D

aaah no, don't apologize :( you've been taken out of your element and plopped somewhere entirely new. it's only natural and i need to be more supportive than i have been ;___;♥ ilu ilu ilu ilu! i'll write you something better soon, i promise!