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2013-01-16 12:19 pm

crossover; you owe me your lips {iu/t-ara; Jiyeon/iu}

you owe me your lips
iu/t-ara, jiyeon/jieun. 2,804 words.
Jiyeon was born to tear the world down, where Jieun was just trying to survive.
Note(s): This was writen for [profile] parodicals for the [personal profile] ambitiousgirls challenge.

Jiyeon takes her by the hand with twilight in her hair and the moon kissing her lips with a promise in her smile.  )
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2012-10-18 01:40 am

shinee; drabble challenge #1.

beginnings. onew/jonghyun.
magical au. 520 words.
repost from lj - gonna start using dreamwidth more often.

He watched the lantern lighter trudge around with his torch. )
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2012-07-15 03:57 pm

crossover; Say goodbye (to the world you thought you lived in).; jiyeon/iu.

Say goodbye (to the world you thought you lived in).
Jieun got on the wrong car one day, and discovered that not everything in her world was as it seemed.
2,700 words. pg.

His large legs crushed a bush as he stomped around.  )

note: title taken from lyrics from ‘Any Other World’ by MIKA. written for [community profile] unniefic’s 48 hour challenge. I just really missed writing these two.
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2012-01-22 01:47 am

ss501; just one dance; hyungjoon/jungmin

Just One Dance
Hyungjoon knows he doesn’t love him, but his message can’t get through.
hyungjoon/jungmin, pg-13 2,600 words.
note: originally for [profile] voorpret for [profile] gyonggo_ss.

Hyungjoon’s entire life went from semi-awesome to semi-dreadful on a Monday. )
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2012-01-03 05:44 pm

f.t island; band of brothers; jonghun/hongki

Band of Brothers
jonghun/hongki; pg; 2,575 words.
F.T Island isn’t the best dance group, but they definitely try.
note: originally posted here for [personal profile] firequakes

It was nothing the industry hadn’t seen before, and that was why it was going to work out so well. )
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2012-01-03 05:25 pm

f.t island; la tiempo; hongki/jonghun(/seunghyun)

La Tiempo
Hongki can’t decide if he likes the waltz or the tango more.
hongki/jonghun(/seunghyun; r; 2,018 words.

note: for [profile] graceful_mind for this years [profile] ftisland_ss. originally posted here.

Hongki )
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2011-12-22 05:01 pm

shinee; the leaders' guide.

The Leaders’ Guide
SHINee goes to Japan and Jinki gets a little help.
gen; g; 3,086 words.
notes written for [ profile] kpop_ficmix as a remix of first time, by [ profile] kat_elric. also, special thank you to [ profile] acousticscenery for going over this with a fine-toothed comb. ♥

Jinki brought the laundry in at midnight and dropped one of Taemin’s socks over the edge by accident because he was too impatient. )
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2011-11-29 02:39 am

t-blaq; deep in your eyes; mir/jiyeon.

deep in your eyes.
mblaq/t-ara; mir/jiyeon. nc-17. 1,114 words.
it's just one of those meetings.
•for [ profile] firequakes, bc i love her forever ok♥
It always starts with hello.  )

note: this is kind of crack crack crack crack. but then i have a weird sense of humor.
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2011-11-14 09:56 pm

f.t island; stuffed hearts; hongki/jonghun(/seunghyun)

stuffed hearts
f.t island; onesided seunghyun/jonghun, hongki/jonghun; pg-13; 2,607 words.
jonghun stuffed seunghyun's heart full of love from the start.

He put the little stuffed heart inside of him and gave him a hug and brought him to life, and he’s been with him since that day. )

bonus :3
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2011-10-30 12:14 am

f.t island; spotlight; wonbin-centric.

The Spotlight.
wonbin-centric; pg; 1,597 words.
All Wonbin wanted was the spotlight, and that's what he gets.

Oh Wonbin quits F.T Island because he wants to be in the spotlight. )
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2011-10-19 06:59 pm
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2011-10-02 09:11 pm

f.t island; college swing; jaejin/seunghyun.

college swing.
f. scott fitzgerald once said "action is character," and seunghyun is inclined to agree.
jaejin/seunghyun; pg-13; 3,265 w.

note: I used a recent interview to decide what everyone would be doing for college besides music. The only one who didn't manage to make it in was Jonghun, which never ever happens. ♥ this is the mentioned anti-smoking ad Seunghyun has on his wall. :D

When Seunghyun moves into his dorm the week before college starts, he’s plagued with butterflies in his stomach and cotton in his throat. )
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2011-09-27 03:00 am

f.t island; simplicity {jonghun/hongki.}

Jonghun just wants a simple life.
Jonghun/Hongki, pg, 2,731 words.

→ thank you so much for beta-reading and for all of your help [ profile] acousticscenery ;___;♥, you're the best! originally posted here for [ profile] firequakes♥ ♥ ♥

Jonghun remembers when life was simple. )
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2011-09-26 12:38 am

crossover; growing season {minhwan/younha.}

Growing Season
Younha can't get used to how grown up he's become.
minhwan/younha; 1,296; nc-17.
→don't mind me, just breaking some brains. :D :D
It's hard to believe how much he’s grown from that little boy he used to be. )
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2011-09-25 11:57 pm

shinee; winter blues {kibum/jonghyun}

winter blues
kibum hates winter, but it does have some perks.
kibum/jonghyun; g; 1,005 words.

for [ profile] robotiques, i hope this cheers you up bb :(

Kibum doesn’t like winter for a whole slew of reasons, but he also likes it, and it irritates him more than it should. )
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2011-08-28 05:38 pm

2pm; Just Married {taecyeon/junsu}

Just Married
Taecyeon and Junsu wake up with no recollection of what happened the night before.
Taecyeon/Junsu; nc-17; 2,035 words.
→ written for the kinkmeme.

Taecyeon wakes up first, his cheek pressed up against the window of some strange car with his own drool running down his arm. )
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2011-06-09 02:58 am

beast junhyung/; i know this girl

I know this girl.
She makes him feel like it’s raining outside.
Beast’s Junhyung/, pg.
1,060 words.

She makes him feel like it's raining outside. )
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2011-06-01 10:58 pm

f.t island; blurry lights. {jonghun/hongki, hongki/seunghyun.}

blurry lights
lee hongki doesn't know what he wants, but jonghun has always known.
jonghun/hongki, hongki/seunghyun; r.→2,520 words.
✬written for [ profile] kacts, originally found here.

Seunghyun’s )
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2011-05-23 12:52 am

t-ara/iu; the best days of our lives {jiyeon/iu}

the best days of our lives.
jiyeon/iu; 2,186 words.
if you love someone, let them know.
a/n: finallyyyy. this took months for me to work out but i love these two so much!♥ dedicates it subtly to [ profile] firequakes and [ profile] compatable because they're the best :)♥

Jieun’s always believed that honesty is the best policy. )